When your child is diagnosed with asthma, talk to your child's pediatrician to create a plan that lists specific symptoms that would trigger a trip to the ER. Early warning signs of a flare up and may include:

  • wheezing
  • tightness in chest
  • inability to stand or sit still
  • restless sleep
  • throat clearing
  • rapid or irregular breathing
  • coughing not due to cold or persistent cough
  • unusual fatigue

Visit a pediatric ER immediately if your asthmatic child experiences:

  • constant wheezing
  • repeated severe flare-up symptoms that are not relieved with rescue or fast-acting medicine
  • blue or gray lips and fingernails
  • difficulty talking
  • retractions: working too hard to breathe, shown in the areas below the ribs, between the ribs, and in the neck sinking in with each attempt to inhale
  • a peak flow reading below 50% and doesn't improve after using medicine
  • if your child's peak flow reading falls below 50% (which is in the red zone of the peak flow) and doesn't improve after using medicine

Our pediatric ER is close to home and able to help with your child's asthma. The Children's Hospital at TriStar Centennial strives to beat the national average wait time, so you can get quick access to high-quality, pediatric emergency care.