The Children's Hospital at TriStar Centennial Medical Center and Pediatrix Medical Group, an affiliate of Mednax™, are the presenting sponsors of the 2017 Music City Kids Triathlon. The non-profit youth triathlon team, AERO, will host the event in partnership with Nashville Metro Parks.

The Music City Kids Triathlon will be held from 8:00am until 12 PM on Sunday, June 11 at the Centennial Sportsplex located at 222 25th Avenue North in Nashville. Kids ages 6 - 18 may register.

"A kids triathlon is a fantastic way for any child to experience the benefits of a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. From establishing an exercise routine to cheering on a child when the cross the finish line, fitness brings families close together," said triathlete Dr. Stephen E. Morrow, board certified pediatric surgeon with Pediatrix Medical Group, who treats patients at The Children's Hospital at TriStar Centennial. "In addition to camaraderie and exercise, triathlons provide kids with a sense of accomplishment and motivation to challenge themselves."

Kids' triathlon race distances are designed to be challenging, yet achievable - even for first-time triathletes.

USA Triathlon, the national governing body of the sport, sets recommended race distances based on age to minimize stress on the body. The distances are set to be inclusive so that most healthy children can complete the race without any dedicated training. The Music City Kids Triathlon triathletes will be grouped by race age 6 - 7 (Junior), race age 8 - 10 (Intermediate) and race age 11 - 18 (Senior).

"Even if kids don't do another triathlon in their youth, they gain a familiarity with the sport that will allow them to easily pick it back up later in life and help them maintain a healthy lifestyle as an adult," said USA Triathlon Certified Coach and race director Jennifer Gentry.

The Music City Kids triathlon will begin with swimming at Centennial Sportsplex, followed by a closed-course biking leg around the TriStar Centennial Medical Center campus and conclude with the running portion at Centennial Park.

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